4G SMS Temperature Alarm Application 4G SMS Temperature Alarm Application

4G SMS Alarm Dialler – Basic

4G SMS Alarm Unit

4G SMS Alarm Dialer

The MTX-4G-JAVA-IoT AUS modems can be used as a basic 4G SMS alarm dialler with alarms triggered by:

  • 3 x Digital inputs
  • 2 x Analogue inputs
  • External temperature, pressure or other sensors
    (contact Australis M2M for options)

In addition to SMS alarm functionality the unit can be used to control devices, such as a gate opener or irrigation pump. SMS control includes an “Alias” function that allows commands to be customised – so the Command Gate1Open could be sent to open a gate, for example.

If additional inputs or outputs are required then the optional MIO intelligent IO board can be added to provide 8 x digital inputs, 2 x analogue inputs, 4 relay outputs and 2 analogue outputs plus phone book with 10 numbers that allows for basic SMS alarm escalation or repeat functions. For more information on the MIO Intelligent IO Board click here.

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Java Compatible Java Compatible
DynDNS or NoIP DynDNS or NoIP
Alarm, control & configuration Alarm, control & configuration
Modbus RTU/TCP Modbus RTU/TCP
Digital IO Digital IO
Analogue IO Analogue IO
  • 4G SMS Alarm Dialler
  • LTE 700MHZ Band 28 and fallback to 3G
  • 7-30VDC Power Input
  • -40 to 85oC Operating Temperature Range
  • Ability to be re-programmed remotely by SMS and/or IP
  • Modbus TCP/Modbus RTU
4G SMS Alarm Solution
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