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Australis M2M Pty Ltd specialises in the provision of industrial cellular M2M hardware and services, with the aim of providing configurable M2M/IoT devices that enable both small and large customers to connect to almost anything easily and effectively using SMS, TCP/IP, MQTT, FTP, Telnet or API Interface.

To achieve this goal, Australis M2M offers a range of 4G/3G cellular M2M solutions for communicating with serial (RS232/RS485), ethernet, analogue IO, digital IO, wireless sensors and more. The range is based on Matrix Electronica’s range of MTX modems, routers and gateways that allow remote connection to a very wide range of devices such as PLCs using modbus, electrical meters using RS232 serial, wireless sensors or directly to IO with TCP/IP or SMS.

The range of hardware is complemented by the Cervello Device Management platform that enables customers to quickly and easily develop configurable Web based monitoring solutions with customisable API’s, VPI’s and Dashboards.

Australis M2M is a privately owned company, based in Sydney Australia whose General Manager, Patrick Paffard, has over 10+ years experience supplying and supporting M2M/IoT products to the Australian and New Zealand markets.

All MTX products utilise the proven and reliable Gemalto wireless modules for cellular connectivity.

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