MTX Titan II with 1 Ethernet, 2 RS232, RS485 and IO

4G Industrial Router

MTX-Router-Titan-II-S-4G AUS

The MTX-Router-Titan II is an innovative 4G industrial router that comprises a complete set of wireless and wired interfaces powered by an ARM Cortex-A7 processor module. By providing an easy integration and powerful interfaces, it avoids further hardware components.
It can be used in infinite M2M and IoT applications, and includes a 4G/3G cellular module with 700MHz Band 28 and fallback to 3G.
The MTX-Router-Titan II also includes advanced functionalities such as: DHCP server, MQTT, NAT, CSD call manager, 4G to RS232/USB gateways, external sensor dataloggers (temperature, distance, Modbus RTUs), DynDNS/NoIP client, GSM cell positioning, remote firmware upgrade, among others.

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Java Compatible Java Compatible
DynDNS or NoIP DynDNS or NoIP
Alarm, control & configuration Alarm, control & configuration
Modbus RTU/TCP Modbus RTU/TCP
DIN Rail Mount DIN Rail Mount
USB and Serial Interfaces USB and Serial Interfaces
Optional GPS Optional GPS
  • 4G with 700MHZ Band 28 and fallback to 3G
  • 2 x RS232 and 1 x RS485
  • 2 x Digital Inputs
  • Serial tunnels and gateway functionality
  • SMS from digital inputs and sensors (modbus)
  • SMS control and configuration
  • Modbus TCP/Modbus RTU
  • SNMP
  • MQTT
  • Open VPN with client/server mode
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Product Applications

Secure OpenVPN Access to a PLC using 4G Router

Scenario We have a PLC, data logger, IP camera or other remote device with ethernet or serial ports that we want to be able to remotely access on demand in a secure manner. In this example we will focus on accessing a PLC with an ethernet port, and we will use a standard dynamic private IP SIM (eg with an APN such as telstra.internet). Solution MTX-Router-Titan-II-S-4G AUS + Cervello Network Manager + OpenVPN GUI Cervello Network Manager will allow us […]

Product Applications

Modbus Monitoring, SMS Alarm and Control

Scenario We want to provide Internet connectivity to a device with an Ethernet interface. The LAN IP address of the Ethernet device We also have 3 Modbus RTU modules: Device with modbus address 1, has 8 digital inputs Device with modbus address 2 has 2 analog inputs (4-20mA) Device with modbus address 3 has 8 relay outputs. In addition to providing the internet access to the Ethernet device, we want to achieve the following: Activate Relay 1 in module […]

Product Applications

Provide a PLC with Ethernet Access to the Internet

Scenario We have a PLC device with an Ethernet port that we want to provide with Internet access in order to send data to the Cloud. The PLC has a local IP address of Solution MTX-Router-Titan-II-S-4G AUS  3G/4G router Details: After the router has started, access the router’s configuration with the default username and password: “admin” and “admin”, using the default IP address“”. Check the configuration in the menus “Wan>Basic Settings” and make sure the APN, username and password […]

Product Applications

Remote Ethernet Access to a PLC Using DynDNS or NoIP

Scenario We have a device with an Ethernet port which we want to access remotely via Internet using the TCP port 502. The Ethernet device has a local IP address of We have to be able to access the router’s configuration remotely in the standard TCP port 80. We want to be able to remotely access the device. SIM cards with a dynamic/public IP addresses will be used, therefore we will use the DynDNS or No-IP services. Solution MTX-Router-Titan-II-S-4G […]

Product Applications

Sending SNMP Traps, SMS or Email When a Digital Input Changes State

Scenario Titan mini routers have a digital input that can be used to send SNMP Traps, an SMS or an Email message, the following examples show how to configure a Titan router for this type of application.   Solution In order to achieve our goal, we will use the section “Titan Scripts” of the Titan router, because if we end up needing more digital inputs (the Titan II router has 2 digital inputs), it would be necessary to use additional […]

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Using an API to Set LED Signage Message

Scenario details: We have a special display/LCD with a serial RS232 input. The data present in the RS232 port is shown in the display We need to remotely control the LCD using the MTX-Tunnel GPRS-Serial tunnel We can control the LCD in several ways: We could develop a code for the server PC and use the TCP/IP port socket to connect to MTX-Tunnel. This example shows how to do this in any third-party web page using a form. The form […]

Product Applications

Virtual Serial Port Emulation Software

Introduction VSPE (Virtual Serial Port Emulation) is a free software for 32 bit Windows operating systems. There is also a paid version for 64 bit platforms. This software can be utilised to allow legacy device software to connect to serial devices that only allow connections via a COM serial port, such as some data loggers, load cells etc. This software allows for the creation of virtual COM Ports on your PC (COM1, COM2, COM3, etc.) that are linked to a […]

Product Applications

MTX Devices for Pumping Systems

Australis M2M Supplies a range of Cellular Industrial M2M/IoT devices and accessories for 4G pump control and monitoring applications, capabilities include: Remote start/stop of a pump based on commands sent via SMS or IP Remote control of a PLC or VSD using modbus commands activated by SMS or IP Remote monitoring of a pumping system for alarm state, water flows, pressures or level signals Provision of cost effective, configurable online dashboard monitoring and control solutions Application Note – Pump Control […]

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