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Support for MTX 4G/3G Modems, Routers and Gateways for TCP/IP, SMS and other M2M/IoT applications.

Up to three simultaneous serial gatewaysare possible, set to either TCP Client or TCP Server. Therefore 3 serial devices can be communicated with. All 3 can be RS232 with once configurable as RS485.
If the USB uses the FTDI driver, then yes. For other types of drivers, we must investigate further.
Yes, they can. The MTX-Router-Titan II and MTX-4G-JAVA-IoT units can read Modbus RTU devices, store the readings and send them to web platforms via a JSON object when there is network coverage.
Yes, they do, and compatible with NO-IP. Also, there is the possibility of using private DNS to send the current IP address, either every time it changes or periodically, to a private server such as our business server.
Yes, they can. The MTX Titan II 4G Routers can write to modbus registers and drive a modbus IO device with relays. The can be set by SMS, Webserver, Telnet or according to a timetable and even a temperature or other modbus register value.
Yes, they can. We can send commands via SMS in order to restart the device, change the configuration, find out the IP address, check the network coverage, etc.

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