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Serial Cable Replacement


We have 2 devices RS232 (115200.8, N, 1 flow control HW) linked by a serial cable through which data is sent. The intention is to replace this serial cable by a transparent RS232-4G-RS232 link.


2 MTX-4G-JAVA-IOT AUS or MTX-4G-JAVA-IoT AUS modems   +   MTX-Tunnel firmware

The equipment does not contain a PC, nor is it intelligent, and the internal control programs cannot be changed. The equipment can be considered as “black boxes” with RS232 serial ports that cannot be modified. Therefore it will be necessary to use an MTX-Tunnel on each side of the communication, one acting as a “server “and the other one acting as a “client”.

The MTX modem set as the Server unit, will use a SIM card with fixed IP address XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX (although it could be used in this scenario, we will not be using DynDNS in this example). The MTX modem set as the Client, will be programmed to connect to the Server unit’s fixed IP address, at all times, so that the tunnel Serial-4G-Serial is always set.

A SIM card with a fixed IP address is being used because it is more convenient, but the MTX Tunnel server could use DynDNS if needed.

For more information on SIM IP options and issues please contact Australis M2M.


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