Plant rooms need 4G communications solutions Plant rooms need 4G communications solutions


4G Serial Modem/Gateway

4G SMS Alarm Options


Basic 4G SMS Alarm Option

The MTX-4G-JAVA-IoT AUS units can be used as simple SMS alarm units with the following functionality:

3 x Digital inputs

2 x Analogue inputs

2 x Digital Outputs

10 alarm phone numbers

Extended SMS Functionality – 10 IO with 10 Ph Numbers

For expanded SMS functionality the MIO Intelligent IO board (available August 2019) can be added, this board enables:

8 x digital inputs

2 x analogue inputs

4 x relay outputs

2 x analogue outputs

10 x phone number address book

Escalation and alarm repeat functionality

Router with SMS from Digital Inputs or Modbus

Titan II routers have 2 x digital inputs which can be used to trigger SMS alarms to up to 5 phone numbers, in addition the units can read modbus registers, of attached devices, and sends SMS or email alarms based on the modbus register states.

Therefore a Titan router can be both a remote access to a PLC or similar device as well as an SMS alarm unit based on digital input states or modbus register states.

Web/Automated Data Logging

In addition to providing simple 4G SMS Alarm Sending functionality MTX-4G-JAVA-IoT AUS units can send data from IO’s or external devices, such as modbus sensors to a web based data logging and control platform, Cervello, thereby enabling a fully automated data logging and control solutions.


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