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4G Industrial Router

MTX 4G/3G Intelligent Industrial Routers

The MTX-Titan-II units, are 4G industrial routers with Ethernet, RS232, RS485 and IO Connections.

The devices combine, easy to use routing functionality, with powerful gateway features, allowing easy integration with industrial devices using modbus, as well as to serial devices or sensors, and expansion modules such as GPS.

Aspects of Modbus functionality include:

  • Modbus RTU/TCP
  • Modbus to SNMP gateway
  • SMS to modbus gateway
  • Modbus datalogger

Other important features include:

  • OpenVPN server or Client
  • Permanent or timed OpenVPN with AT Command
  • Modbus user scripts, allowing the reading of devices and depending on values, perform actions autonomously such as sending SMS or Emails
  • Gateway Modbus TCP/RTU-SNMP
  • Modbus Slave, sending SMS, Emails and traps SNMP by  Modbus TCP

MTX routers are distributed in Australia and New Zealand by Australis M2M Pty Ltd.


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