Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Alarm Systems Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Alarm Systems

Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Unit Monitoring

Air conditioning or refrigeration plant are often of critical importance to the operation of many business, increasingly these types of plants are run with minimal or limited supervision making remote monitoring solutions important.

MTX IoT modems and routers offer flexible and easy to apply solutions for HVAC&R monitoring applications including:

  • Monitoring unit alarm states (Digital Inputs)
  • Monitoring temperature through the use of 1 or more temperature sensors
  • Monitoring system PLC or control unit operation through Modbus gateway and modbus logging functions

MTX units can be used to directly send SMS and/or Email alarms, in addition they can be combined with our Cervello IoT platform for a comprehensive online monitoring and/or control solution.

Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Alarms

MTX Modems and Routers can be used for air conditioning and refrigeration alarm applications

In the example above, industrial refrigeration units are controlled by a PLC – the MTX IoT modem collects data from the PLC using Modbus and send this data to our Cervello IoT platform. Parameters logged could include power consumption, outdoor temperature, indoor temperature, suction and condensing temperatures, the status of the unit etc.

The data received by the MTX IoT modem is sent by MQTTs to the Cervello IoT platform, which transforms the information, stores it and allows it to be displayed graphically through different tables or graphics in the visual dashboard of the platform. It is also possible to send commands via Modbus to the unit, thereby enabling remote control functionality, such as changing cooling setpoints.

As an alternative or in conjunction with modbus connectivity to a PLC or control unit, the MTX IoT modem can be connected to digital or analogue inputs to monitor fault status, temperature or a pressure, making the MTX IoT modem an extremely flexible solution for remote monitoring refrigeration or air conditioning units.

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