4G SMS Alarm or MQTT 4G SMS Alarm or MQTT

IO Board for MTX IoT Modem

September 18, 2019

A New IO board for the MTX-4G-JAVA-IoT AUS modem is now available. This IO board provides screw terminal connections for:

  • 2 x digital inputs
  • 2 x Analogue inputs
  • 2 x Relay outputs
SMS IO Board 2 x Relays

SMS IO Board with 2 x Relay Outputs

In addition the IO board can be fitted with a DIN clip for 35mm DIN rail mounting.

Applications for this IO board include:

  • Connecting digital/pulse inputs such as alarm
  • signals, rain gauges or water meters
  • Connecting analogue inputs such as pressure,
  • level or temperature sensors
  • Connecting devices to be turned ON/OFF such
  • as pumps, fans, lights or valves

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