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Logging Modbus Registers

Scenario details:

We have 5 power meters with ModBus RTU protocol. These meters have a series of readings in their internal memory (e.g. cumulative consumption and average consumption) that we wish to read every 15 minutes and send to a webserver.

In addition we want to be able to access MTX-Tunnel at any moment to be able to read PLC records in real time as well as being able to write them and modify the PLC configuration records.


MTX-4G-JAVA-IoT AUS modem + MTX-Tunnel

Logging and Sending Data from RS485 Power Meters

Data Logging Modbus Registers

The MTX Modem will question the 5 meters every 15 minutes to read the appropriate modbus registers using the RS485 port. The records to be read are for the cumulative consumption (register 20) and for average consumption (register 21).

After every reading the MTX Modem will send the records to a web server via HTTP GET using a JSON object. In addition, the MTX Modem will to store up to 1500 readings in flash memory in case there is a communication fault, so that it can send the logged data when the connection is restored.

For each meter, it will send a JSON frame containing the Modbus address/identifier of the meter that has been read.

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