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Modbus Router 4G Industrial

The MTX Titan II 4G Modbus Router is an excellent choice for Modbus RTU/Modbus TCP applications with features such as:

  • Modbus RTU/TCP with Modbus Data Logging
  • Titan Scripts for Modbus Read/Write and associated SMS and Email alarm functions
  • Modbus Slave
  • Modbus SMS Gateway
  • Modbus SNMP Gateway

Modbus RTU/TCP

MTX Titan II industrial 4G routers are able to read, store and send registers from Modbus devices connected by ethernet or RS485. Periodic reading of up to 10 Modbus devices, can be programmed and the data sent to a server by MQTT/MQTTS, HTTP/HTTPS or FTP.

Titan Scripts

The “Titan Scripts” enable the device to perform some basic logic, control and alarm functions using modbus devices connected to the unit.

For example, we can create a script so that whenever a Modbus register in device A has a specific value,
the Titan writes a different value in a Modbus register in device B. Or, we can send an SMS or Email, when a Modbus register in device A has a specific value.

There are 10 Titan Scripts available and each script could, for example, send to multiple alarm destinations enabling a comprehensive SMS and Email alarm solution.

Modbus Slave

MTX Titan II routers can be configured to behave as Modbus TCP/RTU slave devices. For example, using
Modbus TCP protocol, it is possible to check the status of the digital inputs (MTX Titan II-S).

Note that it is also possible to send/receive SMS messages or emails via Modbus TCP.

Modbus SMS Gateway

With SMS enabled commands can be sent to the router to read or write to Modbus registers in attached devices, in this manner the status of connected Modbus devices can be ascertained or a setpoint in a device can be adjusted by SMS.

Modbus SNMP Gateway

Modbus-SNMP gateway features can be enabled in our MTX Titan II Modbus Router, allowing most Modbus RTU or Modbus TCP devices to be integrated into an SNMP network.



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