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MQTT Relay Control Using Mobile Phone


We wish to be able to activate/deactivate relay outputs from an Android, iPhone or other mobile device.

The SIM card to be used is to be a standard private (NAT) dynamic IP SIM.


MTX-4G-JAVA-T AUS or MTX-4G-JAVA-IoT AUS and MTX Tunnel Firmware.

The solution is to use an MQTT broker, to which the intended mobile devices and the MTX-4G-JAVA-IoT AUS modem are subscribed, the modem will then be able to receive commands sent via the broker for control of outputs. Inputs states can also be passed back to the mobile device.

Any suitable MQTT broker service, such as Eclipse Mosquitto™, may be used in this example we have used the Cervello service (available from Australis M2M Pty Ltd).

The modem will need to be loaded the appropriate config.txt file settings and with a correctly provisioned SIM fitted.

This example assumes the use of an Android phone, and we have used the MQTT application “MQTT Dash” that was downloaded from the PlayStore.

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