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Air Quality Monitoring – Enabled by MTX Modems

March 11, 2020

Remote Access to Air Quality Data

MTX IoT modems enable air quality monitoring by gathering temperature, humidity, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, VOC, NO2 and particulates data sensed by Eltek’s AQ110A air quality data logging system, and presenting this data on an easy to read online dashboard for 24hr a day access.

CO2 CO NO2 particulates

air quality data logger

The AQ110A is an advanced air quality transmitter that can be used alongside the Eltek’s existing family of GenII transmitters. It enables detailed air quality monitoring of sites such as a schools, hospitals, offices, gallerys, or work areas – anywhere that air pollution can affect the health of the occupants or the objects and processes within.

CO2 CO NO2 Particulates

Air Quality Data Logger

The MTX IoT modem provide an easy link between Elteks AQ110A system and our Cervello IoT platform to enable a simple online monitoring solution. A test unit running in Sydney is available to view, To View Sydney Air Quality Data Click here


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