Router for Smart Agriculture Router for Smart Agriculture

Smart Agriculture Solutions with MTX Router Titan II

August 16, 2018

The farming sector faces new challenges every day, but as the technological horizons widen, so does Smart Agriculture. In the face of climate insecurity, increase of demand and quality standards, this sector can benefit hugely from the efficiency products like the MTX Titan II Router bring, being able to receive and send a big quantity of data, ofering more information in real time and thus allowing farm management improvement, and making decisions based on up to date data.

Smart Agricultural Solutions

The power of the MTX-Router-Titan II allows it to connect to many sensors and simultaneously gather a huge volume of data, and to send it to a server at the same time. That is, an MTX-Router-Titan II can connect and continuously receive data from humidity sensors, temperature and feeder meters via modbus sensors, weather data or irrigation circuits control via WiFi connectivity, and also data from IP security cameras connected to movement sensors via ethernet conexion, etc. At the same time, the MTX-Router-Titan II would send all the data via 4G connectivity to a storage server and a user interface that processes the data. The Cervello Device Manager is the ideal IoT solution to manage and monitor so many sensors.

4G Industrial Router

This way, the MTX-Router-Titan II contributes to the following Smart Agriculture solutions:

  • Control: being able to connect and gather data from many sensors at the same time, MTX-Router-Tiran II allows to simultaneously control different areas of a smart farm such as humidity levels, greenhouse temperature, feeder levels, watering frequency, etc. All this data can be visualized in real time on a user interface, allowing a quick response in case of malfunctions, increasing the efficiency of a smart farm.
  • Automatization: having immediate access to a big volume of data, the MTX-Router-Titan II also allows to automatize watering depending on the temperature and humidity levels, or automatically refill livestock feeders when they reach certain level, resulting in considerable savings in resources and time.
  • Security: on top of the security granted by being able to automatize watering and feeding processes, the MTX-Router-Titan II can be connected to several IP security cameras to make sure everything works normallly, as well as being able to connect them with other sensors like fire alarms, etc.

4G Router for Smart Agriculture

Since the MTX-Router-Titan II is an intelligent router, it doesn’t need additional software since it already has a complete set of wired and wireless interfaces powered by an ARM9 processor with embedded Linux.

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